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DJ Bakspin (Retro)

Born and raised in San Diego, California in the 1980's to Sicilian and Mexican American parents, The youngest of three older brothers, DJ Bakspin's infatuation with music developed at an early age from being around the diverse musical tastes of his immediate family. His earliest influence came when he heard the now classic Run DMC/Aerosmith record “King Of Rock blaring from his older brothers record player. This set Bakspin down the path of studying different music genres, and then developing a particular infatuation with Hip-Hop. Soon thereafter, Bakspin began to pick apart his older brother's vinyl collection and using his fathers record player, he began to learn the basics of scratching and turntablism. Bakspin’s friends quickly took notice in his new found "hobby" and he was put too the test in middle school when they convinced the DJ at the 8th grade dance to allow Bakspin to get on. To the surprise of the mobile DJ and his classmates, Bakspin perfectly demonstrated his ability to juggle and scratch two copies of Kris Kross’s early 90's hit record “Jump”. This showcase of skill led to Bakspin establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the changing Southern California music scene, and began to run the gauntlet of DJ duties from creating mix tapes with aspiring artists at his school to rocking house parties and community events. During this time, known by many as the Turntablist revolution of the mid to late 1990's, Bakspin also met DJ Happee who he would collaborate with for more than a decade.

Throughout High School Bakspin continued to study his craft, build upon his resume, and upon graduating from High School he connected with the now legendary Kingsize Record Pool and marketing company. It was here that he was given his first taste of getting exclusive first listen, and learning to pick hit records from major labels. Around this time Bakspin also joined Kingsize's street team. As a street team member, Bakspin handled marketing campaigns for a wide range of entertainment based clients increasing his network within the industry which in turn helped build an even larger name in the streets. At the same time he was street teaming Bakspin was brought on to become one of the first mix show DJs on the newly formed Hip Hop radio station "Blazin 98.9". This opportunity to showcase his skills on the airwaves in the city he called home was a dream manifested. Bakspin jumped at the opportunity and immediately developed a buzz as he finessed the turntables live on air with his flawless unique mixes and razor sharp kuts growing his name as a show DJ to be taken very seriously. Interestingly enough, Bakspin found himself on competing time slots with his close friend DJ Happee, and after about 2 months on 98.9, Bakspin left 98.9 to fill an open position on "Jammin Z90''. With a established fan base and a co-sign from DJ Happee, Bakspin moved into his spot at Z-90 and spent the next five years both captivating an excess of 350,000 listeners daily on 'The Boom at Noon" and the "Chino in the Morning show" to rocking events alongside super star performers such as LL Cool J, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, T-Pain, E-40, and more.

In the nearly two decades he has spent behind the turntables, DJ Bakspin has become a brand that has grown to be synonymous with the art of party rocking, and has become a name fixated as a key player in the industry. Following in the footsteps of the same veteran San Diego DJs whom which originally inspired him to DJ, Bakspin also inspired and raised the bar for the new and upcoming generation of DJs, rocked large audiences at a list of venues that reads as the premier concert and nightlife destinations his city, as well as has held every major time slot on Terrestrial San Diego Radio from his beginning on "Blazin 98.9" to his historic run on "Z90.3". Today Dj Bakspin is still known for his clever, super clean, intelligent approach to rockin the party, demanding total crowd participation, and his ability to selectively, and creatively, incorporate a wide variety of music genres with a hip-hop style. Be on the lookout as Bakspin continues to bless the turntables in Southern California venues and makes his way to a city or near you!

Web Site: http://www.bakspin.com